Having spent most of my life in Louisiana, I am frequently asked why Southwest themes often appear in my work.  I have been fascinated with mountains, mesas, canyons and clouds of this region, since I visited there as a child on family vacations.

Thus, these images became the themes of my silkscreen prints, along with embossed designs inspired by Native Americans. After enjoying success as a printmaker, I turned to an entirely new medium, pastels.  The brilliant hues contrasted sharply with the more subdued colors in the silkscreens, I was instantly hooked on pastels!  I discovered that I could layer color upon color, and that contributed to the beauty and unique quality of the pastel pigment. 

The subject of my work changed to Louisiana landscapes and botanicals.  I am interested in the patterns and textures of nature and these have become the genre of my recent work.  I hope to convey my love of color and design of the natural world in such a way as to invite the viewer to experience the familiar in a new, exciting way.